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Healthy GOO Policy

GOO Policy

Medical Policy
Any Information contained on this Site, Blog Postins or general Narrative Comments, relating to various Medical, Health, and Fitness conditions of your Dog and their Treatment is for Informational purposes ONLY and is Not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by your own Veterinarian.

You should not use the information contained herein for Diagnosing Pet Allergies or any other Medical Condition - You should always consult your own Veterinarian. 

These Products are NOT intended to Cure, Prevent, Diagnose, Lessen or Mitigate ANY Disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
At the End of the GOO Day

It is NOT  Medicine Until your DVM Says It Is !


At Healthy GOO, we believe that Creativity backed by Medical Insight is our greatest asset - we invest great time and expense to bring our Pet Parents Medically relevant, Innovative and High Science products to support their PET’s Health.

Because our research and development cycle depends upon protecting the substantial investments made by Healthy GOO and its affiliates to develop our existing products, Intellectual Property protection is a core component of our business model. To support both our interests and that of our customers and their Animals, we aggressively enforce our broad portfolio of US and international patent, trademark and copyright assets.

Healthy GOO will enforcing its Intellectual Property rights through legal and strategic means against would-be infringers on numerous occasions. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers who infringe upon our products put themselves at risk for substantial monetary damages which can include up to three times Healthy GOO’ damages in addition to attorney’s fees. Infringers who choose not to respect any and all of Healthy GOO’ intellectual property rights can expect a swift and certain legal response from Healthy GOO.
Bottom Line > We take our GOO Very Seriously !